Brazilian Border Collie Association

Functional Registration Certificate

Welcome to the ABBC Register. This is your portal to learn more about the genetic history of the working Border Collie in Brazil. We are the only South American entity that works exclusively with the official, technical and practical evaluation and record keeping of working Border Collie dogs, in functional and sporting activities combined.

We are reaching 25 years of record keeping since the first studies on the results of import, training and use of our working dogs began. In the last two and a half years, the development of the ABBC PEDIGREE began. We worked out the best and most responsible way to start our own registration, while preserving the history of our Brazilian working dogs. It was the result of more than 10 years of partnership and learning with the ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society), the world?s largest authority for working Border Collies.

The ABBC PEDIGREE was created with the purpose of having a reliable and cutting-edge platform to record information and perform registrations. It records information about each individual dog, its pedigree with up to four generations detailing any pedigree migration, registration on merit and annotation from CNA (Brazilian Border Collie Association) for participation and points from a National Championship.

On the website, access to pedigrees is available for everyone interested in knowing the history that has been built for decades. ABBC PEDIGREE only records the history of dogs with proof of work ability, evaluated at official events including results in official competitions as well as from specific tests to be registered on merit.

Having your working dog registered with the ABBC is to write your history as it really is. It allows the access to vital information which will lay the ground for studies and research that will lead to genetic improvement of the breed, as well as a helpful tool in the determination of superior lineages that will preserve the most important characteristics of the working Border Collie.

Our registration system is unique, as it provides access to the entire ABBC studbook with a profile of each registered dog. It allows us to easily perform in dept studies on pedigrees and bloodlines online. It provides breeders, owners and fans with a powerful and indispensable tool. As our dogs grow up we are able to access our dog?s sporting information, just as the history of baseball or football player can be accessed. All the official results of each dog is recorded on ABBC?s platform.

Including your dogs in the ABBC system is to write your story in the world of working dogs and leave your legacy for the future.

ABBC and YOU writes history as it really is.

Developed by Charlei Battisti
@ABBC - 2017